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In 1960 Whitey’s Wrecking was opened when service station owners, Marvin, “Whitey,” (named for his hair that was so blonde it was white) and his wife, Bernice, acquired a few cars for parts and then decided to focus solely on the selling of parts. It took many hard years of work and dedication from Whitey, Bernice, and their kids, but with the company slogan “Honesty Pays,” word was quickly spread that Whitey’s Wrecking is a great place to get the parts you need.

In 1980, Whitey retired and his son, Buck, along with his wife Cindy kept the company going, continuing to grow and improve the business. They saw a developing market for import cars during that time and so it was decided that Whitey’s Wrecking should specialize in Import Parts.

Whitey’s Wrecking is now being managed by the third generation as Buck and Cindy’s son, Dustin and his wife, Kara, are now running the business, helping it to grow and to embrace the advancements of the 21st century. They, along with the rest of the Whitey’s Wrecking family (which now includes about 20 employees) are focused on running a company that has a global market while keeping the company true to its Hillyard roots. The internet has broadened the scope for both sales and salvage; people anywhere can access our inventory and we are able to locate parts worldwide for our local customers. Yet, we are still achieving the same things Whitey and Bernice did: saving customers money, making environmentally friendly business choices, and keep up the motto “Honesty Pays.” Our family looks forward to serving you and helping you find the parts you need.

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